Android Question Animation Alpha vs Colors.ARGB

Gary Miyakawa

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I've run into a small problem on a fade. With the code below, I get the fade of the "pnlhome" panel and it works as I would expect. All objects on that panel fade down. When the animation completes, the process jumps to the Animationend routine where I try to set the "Alpha" to about the same value. The odd thing is that only parts of that Panel get set to that value, unlike the animation that faded everything..

Is it me ? (most likely) and what can I do to get the same results that Animation gets with setting the Panel.


Gary Miyakawa

ani.InitializeAlpha("pnl", 1, .10)
ani.Duration = 2000

Sub pnl_animationend
     pnlhome.Color = Colors.ARGB(25, 0, 0, 0)
End Sub