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Pocket Wiki is a note taking application that uses wiki markup syntax to format text into HTML.

It uses custom DLL's to implement markup.

Currently supported are:

* Slash markup (one that I wrote: uses "/" to signify a mark-up command) - see for latest
* Markdown.NET - as used on and other sites
* Wikiplex - as used on the Codeplex site
* Creole - another markup standard

Currently planned support:

* bLADE markup (used by bLADE wiki and Tony Steward's PPPC Wiki)
* Doku wiki markup

Required B4PPC libraries are:
1. Webbrowser
2. FormLib
3. StringsEx
4. Hardware

bugs/to investigate
1. webbrowser library doesn't always load new page (have to refresh)
2. Fonts are scaling up in VGA - almost too big. Ideally fonts should be smaller than they are rendering now but bigger than they did under the 6.50 compiler

12-24-09 upload - version .30 includes Markdown.NET and wrapper
12-29-09 upload - version .32 includes SlashWiki.NET and wrapper
12-30-09 upload - version .50 includes latest changes to UI and SlashWiki.NET library
12-31-09 upload - version .60 adds "style sheets".


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I like your themes they look really neat. I also do like the larger buttons.


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Wiki update - new features planned

I'm using my pocket wiki daily to keep all kinds of information, especially for work. Not only is it easy to type a quick note, it's even easier to find information when I need it in a hurry.

I created a syntax that works for me, but may not work for everyone. I found several syntaxes in use, and even better, others had written parsers that could be compiled into .NET libraries.

I have found the following parsers and have written "wrappers" that can be plugged into my wiki program:

1. Markdown.NET - seems to be one of the more popular syntaxes. uses Markdown, source code available here: ASP.NET Resources - Announcing Markdown.NET
2. Wikiplex - WikiPlex – a Regex Wiki Engine
3. Creole - attempts to use the best of all syntaxes - WikiCreole: Home

I have Markdown plugged in and working (local and internet linking works) and will upload to the main post, along with the other parsers.

To that end, some of the project goals for the pocket wiki will be:

1. Create a more visual-appealing GUI (maybe something like how notepad on the iPod works)
2. Support multiple syntax parsers via plug-in
3. Create a plug-in for my homegrown syntax, plus the "blade Wiki" syntax that PPPC Wiki uses (I had already ported this to ASP, so it should be easy)

If anyone is interested in helping, either with a design or coding, or has suggestions - please let me know.


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I wrote a simple wrapper in VB.NET that works for the two .NET wiki libraries that I downloaded, as well as the one I wrote. Target framework is Compact Framework 2.0 in all compiled libraries.

Imports SlashWiki.SlashWiki

Public Class dgWikiWrapper
   public wiki as SlashWiki.SlashWiki
   Public Sub New()
      wiki = New SlashWiki.SlashWiki()
   End Sub
   Public Function print (s As String) As String
      return (wiki.Transform(s) )
   End Function
   Public Function info As String
      return "SlashWiki.NET"
   End Function
End Class

On the desktop version of Basic4PPC I am able to add this library and create an object "wiki" for the dgWikiWrapper class. Program runs fine on the PC and compiles to both PC and PDA.

The problem I am having is that when I run the compiled program on the PDA, I get an "Error loading program. NotSupportedException" error. I noticed that in the PDA B4PPC IDE, there is not a "dgWikiWrapper" class available.

Any suggestions on what I need to look for or change to get this to work on the PDA?

Thx, Don

Edit #1
I tried creating a very simple DLL for CF 2.0 and am getting the same error message, so it seems to be either something I'm doing or my pc.
Edit #2
I recompiled the wrapper to run as an executable, and it works on the pocket pc. I must not be compiling it into a DLL in a way that B4PPC likes.
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Version .32 with .NET plug-in

Version .32 has been uploaded to the main post. I overcame the challenges of running the VB.NET DLL on the PDA by writing a wrapper in C#

This version is "usable" though still in development. I also need to update the wiki parser to support lists and tables, as well as write C# wrappers for the other .NET parsers.