Another "Stupid" question!!!


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Hi guys

Im trying to write a string to a file wich contains a fixed string plus a variable...No problems there...
Except that my string has commas...Like this


How do I write the commas into the file?

PS.: I know there are no stupid questions but sometimes even a "veteran" pulls one of these from the hat, and it turns out a cat instead of a rabbit....


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Dear Cableguy

this is from the pdf-file by Juergen

Msgbox (Chr(34) & "Hello" & Chr(34)) This example shows a message box with : "Hello" (including the quotes).

So the string should be: "Fruits" & Chr(34) & "Seasonal" & Chr(34)

(it works for a textbox at least, complete with citation and all)

All the best / Björn
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Thanks BjornF,

I did look in the Help file, that must have got past me...

Still I found an easyer way..

If the varyable as the commas it will send the text as is, commas included, to the file