Any Discounts?


Hello all,

Well, I have been playing with the B4P and I simply love it! The price is not bad but I am disabled and I was wondering if there are any discounts? I like to program for windows which I started with Rapid-Q and then RealBasic but I am not wanting to create Mac or Linux software.

I do want to program for my iPaq 3850, as I have create a software program for those like myself that have multiple medications taken daily for the PC. I like to now make it so those with Pocket PC's can use the software as well. I am so surprized how little I need to do in translating the RealBasic code to B4P.

I have a friend that loves the PC version but also would like a Pocket PC version. He and I have the same problem as the doctors now tell me I don't have much time as my condition is getting worse. All I do besides code is visiting Doctors and Hospitals, which I am sick of. I wanted to take my laptop so I can code while I am in the hospital, and I want to now finish coding in B4P which will be my last programming I will learn.

Anyway, if there is any discounts that anyone knows of, please let me know. Thank you as I would like to get a license for B4P soon so I can be like the rest of you.

Thank you for creating a GREAT compiler!:sign0188: