Bug? APK Install button disabled. FYI - not a b4x bug

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  1. Gentry

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    Not sure where to put this, but I started running into an issue when I was using B4A Bridge to install my projects, that sometimes the Install button would be disabled(grayed out).

    This seems to be due to an android security protection when you have apps that are allowed to write on top of other apps, that the APK install screen disables the install button (to prevent apps from fooling people into installing new apps).

    apk install issue.png

    I discovered a workaround (which may also be the root cause, i'm not sure) my HTC G6 has a built in screen shot function. If I take a screenshot of the APK install screen, then cancel the screen shot, then the install button is enabled again, and I can install my project.

    I'm not sure what the permanent fix is, I'm fond of the screenshot function, and I've disabled most of the other apps with "Write over other apps" permission, but it still occurs.

    Hope this helps,
  2. canalrun

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    Thanks for this post. It came just in time.

    I have an LG G3 that did some sort of software update today. Now I get the disabled APK install button.

    I tried your trick. I use Screenshot Easy.

    Take a screenshot of the install page. Close Screenshot Easy and the install button now appears.

    I have seen posts on Stack Overflow that the cause of this is allowing apps to overwrite on top of other apps. My phone has Android version is 5.01 – I don't see anything in settings to disable screen overwriting apps like I see in later versions of Android.

    Your trick works for now. Have you discovered any additional information?

  3. canalrun

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    I found another way to fix this problem on XDADevelopers:

    When the Package Installer is visible, select the Recent Apps (square button at the bottom right of my device) and select the package installer. This makes the Install button visible, at least on my device.

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  4. Gentry

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    When I go to recent apps on my HTC G6, the apk package install screen disappears, and if I select the B4A bridge app, nothing to do there either. Screenshot method still my best option. YMMV