Android Question App crashes on certain Oppo Phones


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I have received feedback that my app is crashing on certain Oppo phones. It crashes at round about the same place in the app, but it's also worth noting that it doesn't always crash at this particular point. I managed to get one of the devices, but the logs aren't providing any details of the bug that's causing it to crash.

I did however get one hint though that it could be related to the Msgbox function (Which has been deprecated). It doesn't crash straight after after a Msgbox modal has been activated, so it's hard to know if that is indeed what is causing the problem. Does anyone know if it could be the deprecated Msgbox that is causing the issue? I do plan to update to MsgboxAsync, but it's behind other priorities so just want to know if it's worth tackling it first.


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It might be Msgbox. The reason it is deprecated is not that it crashes immediately when shown but that in certain circumstances events happening in the background can crash the app while the Msgbox is displayed. This is because the modal Msgbox mechanism takes over pumping the message loop (this is how it manages to be modal) but doing that became increasingly fragile as Android message handling became more complex over the years. If it was me I would definitely make it a priority to remove any modal dialogs, not just Msgbox. It may not be the problem but you won't know until you have removed any modality from the app.
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