AppBrain AppLift for AdMob Mediation


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Hello again Erel,

One thing I don't fully understand. I am not going to call any method at all from those libraries from b4a.
I am using a admob library with its wrapper for basic4android. I am adding the always normal admob view you refer in your admob tutorial. In the admob mediation page I set the ad mediation companies and their ids and they should all work through admob banner (the same admob view).

At the moment i got mediation working for AppBrain Applift and admob and admob house ads. I am trying with inmobi and with mobfox but no luck always says that the ad request was correct but no inventory.

It is the same admob library which calls the third party adaptors when needed, but i am not doing anything at all with them from b4a. Do i still need to use a wrapper for them? is there any way to include those jars in the project so the admob library calls them as needed or do i get it wrong and every jar included in the project must be understable by b4a?

I mean, sometimes we are using some methods not specified in the wrapper of a library for example using the reflector library. Is correct what i say?

Thanks a lot
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