iOS Question AppID does not match bundle identifier.


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This has been asked in a previous thread but I think that it died of old age.

Is the bundle identifier the same as the package name in the build configurations window? When I enter a package name in the build window, the bundle identifier comes out different when I try to build the bridge.

I would really like to use B4i but I am stuck trying to create the B4i bridge. As shown in the two screen shots below, the package: is The AppID is also But when I attempt to build the bridge, I get the error stating that the two do not match. The error states that the bundle identifier is (See below)

I got B4A up and configured in about an hour and I think that it is a great program. I have spent several days and may hours trying to resolve this. I am looking forward to using B4i when I get this figured out.

Bundle Error.jpg

This is where I enter the bundle identifier?
Bundle Error002.jpg