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    i just made some usefull tools to run app automatic and can execute script shell when app is running
    dont forget to set phone sleep setting on your phone to NONE if you want full day running.
    i m still not luck to unlock screen when phone sleep mode.

    Job Flow sample:
    - Run Selected APP (Hold for 1 minute, after next 1 minute do next job )
    - Script Shell: touch specific area on screen (need root use SU command) (hold 1 minute)
    - Kill Selected APP (save memory) (Hold for 120 minute)
    - Repeat the first job

    Tested on:

    Warning: dont use this app to abuse your app with adsense to gain more income, goggle police know :p. they will banned your for 30 days for your adsense account

    need help to test the app on all device and may be some suggestion for next improvement :)

    BTW: need some test SU command because i dont have root phone right now
    sample SU command: SU < [file name include full directory name]
    just create text file for su command, if success then your phone will be show toastmessage to inform the result

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