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:sign0104: Hi all! I love this! But I have to dust off the spiderwebs on all of my old programing books cause I cant really code, but this makes me want to! I thought Basic4ppc could help me with making registry changes to Acrsoft mms composer without using a registry editor. Here's the form format I'm thinking of using. Any ideas or help would be great!


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Very few information on your post...

Yes, regestry manipulation is possible using basic4ppc....What exactly do you need/want to do?

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Well picture messaging isnt avaible on my 6800ppc. But to get working you can install this Arcsoft MMS Composer, and make some registry mods to the app. I'm just trying to simplify the registry edits.


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You should then take a look at the regestry dll helpfile.

With it you can edit the regestry, add new entrys, etc...
O.k this is the server edit reg. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\UI]
and this is the phone number entry reg that would need to be installed and the phone number added.
opps here the phone reg
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\WspHeader]
This is what the help files say, but i cant figure where it make the changes.,
Sub App_Start
reg.SetDWordValue("Software\My Application","DWORD Value", 33)
End Sub
..tring to apply this to the server edit option


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It would be a more correct aproach if you posted YOUR attenpt so that we could HELP you get it rigth.
What you're asking now is pretty much to have the job DONE for you...

PS.: Sorry Erel...:signOops:


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Your next step is to set the changes in the buttons click event....
Use the sample provided by Erel in one of the firsts replys and split it as needed...

To use the values in the textboxes, use the textbox.text property...
thnx, i think i'm going to have to wait til the weekend, when i have more time. I'll post my progress then ..thanks a lot for the pionters