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Updated 2022-10-02

Athena Lite Pro v1.1.24 (Win/Mac/Linux) is the latest version.
V1.1.25 update is in the works which fixes most found bugs.

Official release date: September 15, 2022.

News: Support for libraries is under development. Similar to the b4xlib, ATHENA4LIB will make it possible to wrap up Java 8 apps into a lib which can be run from Athena. This merges the best from B4X with Athena, yay. It will make it easy and smooth to browse between apps that you need in your workspace. More info will follow. As seen on the screenshot, it should work on Win, Mac and Linux.

Btw the test library only runs a hello world application with the internal designer as a presentation.
It is only used for development usage. Libs will be easy to mount from the dropbox community.

"Athena Lite Pro is a cross-platform application that introduces a new concept that is developed using B4J and runs on Java framework 8 (RNE v1.8.0 181+).
It uses a floating menu to access files, folders and weblinks. By using a gaming mouse support for the general computer tasks,
the performance is more efficient compared to that of traditional methods for desktop usage. It extends the operating system with or without a gaming mouse.
Introducing Database modules (.DM) makes it easy to handle databases in the modules manager which offers the power of SQL to any use-case you might find.
Store all your documents into a database module and share it across platforms which gives you a platforms independent solution for working with any information
which can be recycled and accessed quickly when passed through cloud storage. Athena is your best friend, your assistant, your everything. Eternal knowledge at your disposal."


Macintosh El capitan


MX Linux


Download Athena from

You can use the account details below to unlock the full functionality of the application.
This is for part of the business strategy. The more users who use it, spreads it the better.
One day the free account will expire and users need to sign up for a personal account to keep using the software.

Starcloud Account User ID:

Starcloud Account Password:

In case of issues to get Oracle Java 8 (I advice to use v202 since it works with the app)
It should be easy to install. If you're having trouble consult the FAQ on my domain.

Thanks to all of you who made this vision possible.
Roger "ThRuST" Lindforce
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@Erel I created new icons based on logotypes that I found on the net. Please confirm that I have your permission to use these. The images are stored on my domain to prevent issues with image linking across the net.


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The webview is hanging itself when reloading a php page. It seems unstable in Java 8. Or if it's bad programming from my side not sure.
A php page is loaded in the Jukebox tab, just to be clear. The same thing happens with Java 11. I have tested it.


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Ops posted a new message in the wrong place :) I'm working on updates..