Atmosphere and Altimetry using GPS

Discussion in 'Questions (Windows Mobile)' started by wm.chatman, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. wm.chatman

    wm.chatman Well-Known Member Licensed User

    :)Hi forum

    I am working on a GPS Project, and need some help with Basic4ppc code to Implement Pressure and Temperature with Altitude, in Meters using two labels. At the time I study the Aviation Formulary V1.44 By Ed Williams.
    :sign0148:Hard S..t to learn and or understand.:(

    So if anyone can give me a hint... I'd be very thankful!

    I sincerely appreciate the time and effort of everyone who responded to my questions. Thanks again for your great assistance!

    best Regards to all,


    PC: Laptop CoreDUo, Windows XP SP2 E
    PPC: MDA Pro/WM5
    OS: 5.1.195
    Prozessor: PXA-520 Mhz
    Display: 480x640 TFT
    Periphery: GPS Receiver (ext module)
  2. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    There, translated to simple code

    Attached Files:

  3. wm.chatman

    wm.chatman Well-Known Member Licensed User

    :)Hi Mr derez

    Thank you Sir.

    This is cool code. Very, very nice! :sign0060:Using this we will need to type the Altitude into the altit txt box. So, how do I get it fired up with the GPS.dll and Serial in my App?:confused:

    take care,
  4. wm.chatman

    wm.chatman Well-Known Member Licensed User

    :)Another Question Mr. Derez

    Lets say we have a Alti at 300m, a Sunny day and a Outside Temp of 28 C.
    How can it be that the Outside temp is 13.0 C?

    Please Explain.

    take care,
  5. derez

    derez Expert Licensed User

    The calculation is for standart atmosphere, it cannot tell what is the daily difference.
    I hope you don't expect to have a weather forecast of this ...
    Anyway, if you know the current temperature at a certain altitude, check what the standart says for the same altitude and add the difference to any other altitude you want to check, it will stay more or less accurate.
    In your example - if you got 28, then to any other reading you do at about the same time add 15 (= 28-13).

    As for connection to the GPS - take altit.text value from gps's altitude property or gpsdriver's sealevelaltitude property.
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  6. wm.chatman

    wm.chatman Well-Known Member Licensed User

    :)Hello Sir,

    thanks for your quick help. I will continue working on it, and learn!

    take care until next time,

    best regards
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