Android Example Audios for WhatsApp (CLV with 2 columns)

Hi all.
I've been looking at my old sources and found this example, and now I'm going to share it with you.

this example size is 14mb+ because have 200+ audios example.
The example use CLV with 2 columns, is very simple.

it is on portuguese but very easy to translate (database)

PS: on example you can play audios with play button, stop with stop button.
this app is based on this

PS2: It is old source, is not totaly bug free, test it.


Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-01-37-500x500-500x500.png Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-01-39-500x500.png Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-01-43-500x500.png Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-01-55-500x500.png Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-01-57-500x500.png Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-02-00-500x500.png Screenshot_2016-12-19-22-02-05-500x500.png

if you want to post it on google play, need change the audios and the images.

in this example you can.
- Play audios
- Share audios
- Add to favorite list
- Remove from favorite
- Set audios ringtone, alarm etc....
- Database Use

The icons are from

the example is completely free, it's practically an application ready. (A simple Like is enough for me :))
my early Christmas present for you.


thx all
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Hi Douglas, I'm afraid we are a few that arrive late to this post. Could you please upload again the project and share the link? Thank you very much in advance