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i make video with visual basic 6.0 +plagin about very useful features

1) its increment and decrement operators (i++,i--), and an assignment with the preservation of the previous value (+=,-=,*=,/=)
I think its very useful feature. And it really can be realised, is so ?

2) auto-text-complete with the possibility create your own combination
I think its hard to be realised ?

3) (no in video) last cursor (carriage) position
Last cursor is very need!!! For example, i go to definition (in b4a ctrl+left mouse click), and wanna go back (in vb6 i use ctrl+shift+f2)

4) ctrl+left mouse click - it is not comfortable some time:
because it happens by accident
for example - when i copy-paste many code, i more then one time have random ctrl+left mouse click - and go to definition
there in b4a not can change fastbutton, why ?
if it where, i will change the definition to shift+f2 or simple f2
its fast and comfortable - becouse i cant random click

Erel, what u think about?

sry for spend ur time!
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Go to last position is a feature I really miss too.
+1 from me :)


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Some more suggestion:

- copy color from designer-view.property to code
- also copy from code (like "0xFFDCFF00") to design-view.property
i one time need to copy color from designer-view.propery to code
i solve it - look at RGB in designer, open ColorPicker and write RGB
it is not comfortably

- i cant copy from ColorPicker to designer-propery
it is not comfortably

- i cant pick RGB color by ColorPicker
it is not comfortably
i think it no trouble to implement this feature. it can be useful!

sry for many suggestion by newbie! i know it not good, give suggestion when i bad know IDE and b4a code-language. My sorry!
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Mahares, thx for information

Are there moderators, who can move topic to 'Bugs & Wishlist' forum?

or i need create new topic ?