Android Question Auto Start Voice Recognition


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Something like:
Sub Button1_Click
    Dim Success As Boolean
    Do Until Success
       Wait For VR_Result (Success As Boolean, Texts As List)
       If Not(Success) Then Sleep(100)
     ToastMessageShow(Texts.Get(0), True)
        TTS1.Speak(Texts.Get(0), True)
End Sub

Yes, I tried that but it didnt work also.

I mentioned that when the VR 'window' is showing the text "There is no internet connection", it waits until the user will press the mic button, but
I need that if (for example) there is no internet connection, the VR dialog will start recording again automaticcaly, and not will wait until I press the button.

Do you please know how can I do that and answer me as soon as possible you can?

Thanks in advance.
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