Bug? autocomplete/intellisense in same line


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I saw this BUG long ago, and I have forgotten to mention it.

When you type a single line (without double quotes for next sentence) is autocompletes ok, but if you you put two sentences in a single line, then after the first sentence, autocomplete will no longer work.

Attached are tow images which describes this situation.

Hope it helps for your next release




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Thanks. I know of literal assignment during declaration. It was for another purposes that I was in the need for this, but is OK. We can live without it

Thanks again


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I don't think that the usage of colon as a separator should be encouraged.
cases like below are handy to have in 1 line as there is only 1 command needed, but then the intellisense ain't working as you already know.

a workaround is an extra enter after the :, use intellisense and then remove the enter again.

extra handlings that shouldn't be needed tho but I can live with it for now.

select x
case 0: showmenu
case 1: startgame
case 2: showinfo
end select