iOS Tutorial Automating the iLibrary Creating with XCODE

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    The process to creating a B4i Library after build a objectiveC Code is:

    Locating the .a and .h files, copy this files to a folder in a another folder with B4Ih2xml.jar and iCore.h

    Execute the command java -jar B4Ih2xml.jar test.h test.xml

    to create the .xml file

    then copy .a and .h into the LIBS folder of the B4i-SERVER to compile your projects
    then copy .xml into the B4i folder extra libraries.

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    You can put this simple script in your XCODE Project to do this steps easily.

    In the "TARGETS -> BUILD PHASES" add a "NEW RUN SCRIPT PHASE" push the "+" button on the top, and when appear "RUN SCRIPT" put this lines:

    You need to change ONLY the green lines with your project and server paths

    printf "****** SCRIPT AFTER BUILD ***************************\n"
    echo -n "Target Directory:" ${TARGET_BUILD_DIR} && printf "\n"
    echo -n "Product Name:" ${PRODUCT_NAME} && printf "\n"
    printf "*****************************************************\n"



    echo -n "FolderOutputXML:" ${FolderOutputXML} && printf "\n"
    echo -n "FolderOutputLIBSB4SERVER:" ${FolderOutputLIBSB4SERVER} && printf "\n"
    echo -n "FolderOutputLIBSB4IEXTRA:" ${FolderOutputLIBSB4IEXTRA} && printf "\n"
    printf "*****************************************************\n\n"

    scp ${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/${FileA} ${FolderOutputXML}
    scp ${TARGET_BUILD_DIR}/include/${PRODUCT_NAME}/${FileH} ${FolderOutputXML}

    java -jar ${FolderOutputXML}B4Ih2xml.jar ${FolderOutputXML}${FileH} ${FolderOutputXML}${FileXML}

    scp ${FolderOutputXML}/${FileH} ${FolderOutputLIBSB4SERVER}
    scp ${FolderOutputXML}/${FileA} ${FolderOutputLIBSB4SERVER}
    scp ${FolderOutputXML}/${FileXML} ${FolderOutputLIBSB4IEXTRA}

    look in a screenshot

    This script too facilitates the library creation process.

    Hope that helps everyone :)
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