Android Question autostart after update


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Hi All,
Sorry for repeating the post, but I want to describe better the problem:

I've got my app to check for an update from my website and if necessary download it then install it. Installation occurs using the following and it all works.

' here is the Job_Done when download is finished
Dim i As Intent
Dim out As OutputStream
out = File.OpenOutput(File.DirDefaultExternal,"myapp.apk",False )
File.Copy2(Job.GetInputStream, out)
i.Initialize(i.ACTION_VIEW, "file://" & File.Combine(File.DirDefaultExternal,"myapp.apk"))
What happens is that appears the install screen, I confirm it and after a couple of seconds it disappear and the home-screen is back. Normally the instal screen should remain til installation is finished and you choose "done" or "open".
When the home-screen is back, if I try to click the app icon it has no effect, because the installation is still running in background. After the needed time, I can click th eicon and the app start.
So, the problem is just that the installation screen disappear..
Any idea ?



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It sounds like an issue on your device. Does it also happen when you install an app with B4A-Bridge?
No, no problem at all with b4a bridge. I have the same behaviour on a HTC one and a galaxy tab.
I will try to test it on a blank project, to see if can be something related to the app.
I'll be back.