Other AVD for AMD processors


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Had to add a computer with an AMD processor to my collection. But of course, the new GUI AVD Manager did not work creating the right emulator because something waited for XAHM...

Genymotion did not work on my computer, Android Studio did not create fast emulators too.

Just tried the Visual Studio Android Emulator and works great with B4A : https://www.visualstudio.com/vs/msft-android-emulator/

The limitation is no support for Google Play Services and Google's jewels but for main debugging it is good. And the Android's version is limited to API23 for now.

There is a manipulation to point to adb.exe which is necessary to be able to connect to the logs and upload directly the APK from B4A :
1/ create the key in regedit HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Android SDK Tools
2/ create the Entry "Path" in that key as a String
3/ put the path to your Android SDK location as the value of that key



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Quick info: you can download the source code of the B4XSdkManager and in its code replace the x86 references with armv7 (when the list of packages is downloaded and when the AVD is xreated)
With some AMD cpu it is as fast as Intel's ones even more when the AVD had run and is properly stopped (it restars immediately).
At least it worked for me. Good luck
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