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Hi All,

I recently had a Yahtzee! user contact me to tell me that the latest version of AVG for Android, reports my app as a potential threat - calling it a "Potentially Unwanted Application". I downloaded AVG onto one of my devices & found that out of the 300+ applications it scanned, Yahtzee! was the only one it reported as a threat. I assume that it's because of the ads, but I don't know for sure.

As a result of this, I have seen a sudden increase in the number of uninstalls of the app.

I have tried to contact AVG to ask them to rectify this incorrect reporting, but they have so far been unresponsive & it's pretty much impossible to contact them by any means other than sending them feedback on their web site.

To me, this raises a question of liability. Should companies like AVG be allowed to get away with this kind of incorrect reporting? Should they be held liable for damages if an incorrect threat report causes a users to uninstall an app because they fear it will be harmful?

- Colin.


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I would believe it is because of the ads and where they are "originating from". Most antivirus companies are cracking down on ads and programs that may not be digitally signed in the PC world. You could contact AVG as the developer of the app and let them know your app is safe. However the ads will probably cause the threat again. Because you can't control the ads origin.

I have had trouble with Norton i.e (outright deleting) a remote desktop utility that I have used for years because it was written in Australia and it was not digitally signed.(again in the PC world that is).

Good Luck.
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