Bug? b4a 5 disrupted on 2.nd monitor

alan dodd

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Hi, Erel
I am using two monitors (extended desktop).
Normally i put the IDE on the 1.st monitor, and the designer on 2.nd monitor

After upgrade to version 5, 2nd monitor is unusable.
Designer gets jerky, window breaks apart. See attachment.
Noticed that also IDE has same problem if I move it to 2nd monitor.

I am using an AMD Radeon HD 5450, 1st monitor 1920x1080, 2nd monitor 1280x1024.
Great upgrade btw!


alan dodd

Licensed User
With some delay, here is what I found:

1) display drivers and .net were already updated.
2) tried different legacy versions of display drivers, to no avail.
3) replaced display card with a nvidia geforce gt 610 gigabyte - same problem.

Then I found out that only the three 'Metro' themes in ide options gave me the problem.
Luna, Office, Royale work perfectly. So I just flipped the theme to one that works, and now I'm bashing away happily on the keyboard with the two monitors working perfectly .

Have a good day.