Android Question B4A 6.3, Freezed on Designer


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Hi all,

After upgrade to B4A 6.3, I experienced many Freeze while running on Designer, not always but happens a lot.

This never happen when using B4A 6.0. On Designer, I used CustomView.
After do some changes, it will freeze and CPU utilization runs high.

Any of you experience same problem?

Specifications :
1) Windows 7 64
2) dot net 4.5.2
2) jdk1.8.0_92
3) B4A 6.3


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Are you able to reproduce it if there is no custom view in the layout?

There was only a small change in v6.30 in the designer related to custom views nullable color fields.
No, I haven't found any error when no customview in the designer.
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