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Discussion in 'The Business Forum' started by MarcTG, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. MarcTG

    MarcTG Active Member Licensed User

    I have had this idea for a while and i think this might benefit everyone in this community... so please, read this and give your feedback.

    Last year I got interested in making my own apps and I wanted to start with something simple to experiment. I thought that coding was going to be the hardest part of this whole process. I did some research and was lucky enough to stumble upon B4A and join this community. B4A solved the coding problem, but then I ran into the problem that many of you run into... how to get my apps noticed in the play store with Google's app ranking system...

    Having the right app, at the right time with good SEO can certainly get you some downloads... but even that is not enough to get a fresh app visible with all the competition out there. Apps that get more downloads are not necessarily better than the ones with fewer downloads. There are tons of crappy apps with 100k or a millions downloads that are very visible... which made me wonder, how the hell did they get that many downloads?
    Most indie developers don't have thousands of dollars to pay for advertisement, so instead they rely on:
    - Good SEO, Social media, Youtube + and some luck.
    - They count on cross-promotional advertising. That might be a single developer with a lot of apps, or a group of developers that work together to promote each others apps.

    Websites and social media

    When I started developing I considered building a website and social media pages.I started with Facebook, Google+, Youtube, and more recently twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo and others. I've had some success with some of those like Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/myfreeworldapps).
    Other B4A developers are also using similar methods to promote their apps, so I initially thought about proposing something where we could have B4A developers exchange app promotions through such means. Doing that though would be time consuming, most of us probably don't have the time to promote our own apps all the time on social media, and it would take a bigger effort to have successful ongoing cross promotions... Which brings me to my next idea...

    Promotional App for Apps developed with B4A.

    I first thought about suggesting something like tapfortap... but that would probably need a lot of work, time, and investment. Instead I suggest we make something more simple like this:

    It could be called "New Indie Apps", "Best New Apps", or whatever name could serve best in SEO. Here's why this could be a good idea:
    - Instead of each of us trying to promote the others app directly, we could all focus on promoting this app which in turn will promote all of our apps... A win win situation.
    - The app would contain a categorized list of apps all of which are made using B4A and would showcase the latest published app on Gplay. That could help all of our apps get free promotions and our latest apps to get a good initial boost.
    - I like the app showcase part of this forum, but it is not visible to non-B4A developers or developers that don't often visit that section of the forum. This app on the other hand could be something that you share with any android user that you know... it will also give us quick access to each others apps...
    - B4A is very attractive software for non programmers because it makes coding android simple and more fun... Would it not be even more attractive if it could help developers get their new apps noticed? I would think that this could help advertise this community and make it grow even more...

    To make such an idea work, we would probably need to:
    1) Build an app that could have a simple submission process. I would not know where to start here, but i am sure that it would not take a group of us much time to put something together.
    2) Everyone participating could work on promoting that app. I am ready to put a huge personal effort on this... from social media, my website to even adding banners, interstitial, etc in my apps. If enough of us do this at launch, the app will have enough downloads to be visible in the play store and start giving back...
    The key in all this is group work... if we work together on this, we would all benefit as individuals.

    Sorry for the long post... I've had this idea for some time and I thought i should share and get your feedback.
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  2. hookshy

    hookshy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I 've one had something like this when I discovered b4a and because I did not get any answer I thought that replaying to this message would be a simple support for your idea .
  3. sorex

    sorex Expert Licensed User

    Appzumbi has a website with apps from others on it aswell I think, maybe you could use that to start with?
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  4. WAZUMBi

    WAZUMBi Well-Known Member Licensed User

    AppZUMBi was developed specifically for this purpose.

    AppZUMBi is not another app store but more of a centralized portal to all of the app markets/stores you publish on.
    You can also create links to all of your social networking pages as well.

    AppZUMBi has the familiar developer console where you can upload your custom logo, link to your personal/company websites, and give a brief mission/goal/description statement

    With the console you can add as many apps as you like. AppZUMBi does not store your APK's.
    For each of your apps you provide links to the app stores you published them on.

    After using the console of many different app stores out there AppZUMBi has tried to create as simple and strait forward console as possible.
    Some, like GetJAR, are unnecessarily complex. Hopefully you will find the console on AppZUMBi easier to use.

    There is no approval process and your portal and apps become immediately visible.

    Not all users utilize Google Play. One advantages of your portal is that it provides direct links to all of your published stores. Not just Google Play.
    Your portal and all of your apps include share buttons for all the major social networks.
    Also, if you have created one, then you can also provide direct links to your apps social site.

    We can all help promote each others apps by sharing here.

    Some things that will be added in the future are:
    - Ability to upload your APK's and provide direct installation from AppZUMBi.
    - Optimization for phones and tablets
    - Ability for your users to add comments
    - An AppZUMBi Android app

    Check out my personal portal,lWaZUMBi, to get an idea of what a developer portal looks like.
    Comments and suggestions are welcome....:)
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  5. WAZUMBi

    WAZUMBi Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Oh, one more thing...
    Every app rated other than 'High maturity' and 'Adult' gets a share on our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Google+ pages.
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  6. Cableguy

    Cableguy Expert Licensed User

    Why is this not a sticky?
    Very nice Idea wazumbi!
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  7. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    hi marc, i really like your idea.. i am definitely in in this project..

    i will try to work on an app that do exactly what you wrote where everybody can share his app...
    and we will need more users that are willing to take part on this project (share the app in their apps/websites/facebook/...)
  8. MarcTG

    MarcTG Active Member Licensed User

    I remember seeing a thread about your site but I guess I missed that you made portals for developers to register. Nice idea for a site!! I should register and place my apps there :)
    I think we are trying to achieve the same thing in different ways, your website along with the suggested app could complement one another. I hope that you would also participate in this and help spread the word :)

    Thanks Ilan, with you in, I am sure that this will materialize into more than just an idea :)
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