B4a Documentation?


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Is there any step-by-step documentaton for B4a other than the "documentation.html" which I find difficult to follow? For example, the ListView tutorial has this line of code:
Bitmap1.Initialize(File.DirAssets, "button.gif")
When I try to compile, I get a file not found error. In trying to figure out what the line is doing, I skipped 4 tutorials ahead to "Working with files", but I still can't figure out where the gif file is supposed to be and/or if I'm supposed to already have it.

I don't see any docs on the libraries, but I see a lot of them listed. Where do I got to learn more about them?

I've downloaded several user-contributed apps and can't get any of them to compile, nor can I find in the documentation what the problem is. I posted a question about the medical pills app with an error message I get, but haven't received a response yet.

I don't understand how I'm supposed to learn B4a at this rate, or how other people have managed to learn it. (I've programmed in VB for 25 years, BTW.)


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(1) Documentation can be found here: Where is the documentation?

(2) You are probably missing some referenced libraries.

(3) In the ListView tutorial, did you try to run the attached project? It should run properly.

(1) The documentation link you provided leads back to the documentation.html page I referred to. I still find it hard to believe that newbies to B4a like me are mastering it from that.

(2) I loaded FamilyMeds again looked at the Libraries tab. It has SQL checked, so I assume that is what I'm missing. I know I've seen libraries on this web site before, but I couldn't find a link to them on the home page. I clicked on SQL on the home page, but it was just a tutorial with no link to the library. I went to the documentation page which lists libraries, but again, clicking on SQL takes me to the SQL documentation page. I clicked a link that says its for downloading libraries, and it takes me to a forum page where I don't see any messages related to SQL. This is all very frustrating.

For all I know, SQL is not what's missing. Here is the error message:
Error description: Unknown type: inputdialog
Are you missing a library reference?
Occurred on line: 40
Dim id As InputDialog

(3) I looked back at the ListView tutorial and found the project zip file link all the way down at the bottom of a not-short page. If a person is supposed to be working through the tutorial, entering the code given, it seems like it should be mentioned that those files must be dowloaded and installed -- that the code in the tutorial won't work otherwise. Or if the reader is expected to download the finished code before starting the tutorial, it seems like that should be mentioned at the start. And in fact, without the finished code, it is hard to figure out where the blocks of code given in the tutorial are supposed to go since the tutorial doesn't say.