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After updating to v9.8 - I'm having issues running the emulator - I have tried to delete those I had (after the update - did not function), that I can do - but when creating a new AVD for say the platform 24 (default) - all I see is this (see attached), it's the same for any AVD I try to create.
Everything else with B4A seems ok,

I have updated the Android SK as per the detail outlined in part 2 of the general B4A install detail

Any Ideas ?


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    B4A emulator error.png
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Did you install a new SDK in a blank folder? Or did you reuse an old SDK?

I am asking because of

creating a new AVD for say the platform 24 (default)
What do you mean with default? After installing the B4A SDK as per Instructions you have some SDKs installed. SDK 28 is default. SDK 24 is usually not installed.
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