Android Question B4A for Microchip 32-bit/Android


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Does anyone have experience with B4A running on a Microchip 32-bit/Android micro-controller? I am working with the Microchip DM320412 - 32-Bit Accessory Development Starter Kit for Android with WiFi.


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I made a test with the android starter kit from Microchip (PIC24F), but at the end I gave up.
The board is connected and communicates, but failed many times.
At the end I used the ADB communication with Vinculum chip. Works fine in serial mode.

If you project prospers, please comment it!
This is a topic that I have pending: communicating directly with a CPU.

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Are you sure the Android is a full version and not a subset specially for mControlers?
I was thinking about posting a wish just yesterday.. that Erel makes a subset of b4a, especially for controllers that run
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