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This is a simple app that provides easy access to the B4A help screens. It gets a list of help pages available on the B4A website from the index page, scrapes a couple of fields from the pages themselves when first read, then displays a list of the pages available.

The help pages are straight from the site and look good displayed in a webview.

I thought it would be nice to have a B4A app that displays the help, and getting it from the website proved pretty straightforward.

There are a couple of interesting implementations in it for those just starting with B4a:

  • It uses the IME library to manage display of the keyboard and to change the displayed height of the listview when a keyboard is displayed.
  • It uses HTTPUtils2 to get the pages.
  • It uses setCompoundDrawablesWithIntrinsicBounds through reflection to display an image in an edittext.
  • It gets the keyboard type and network connection type.
  • It uses the Android resources library to get an icon image.

It also saves screen space on my development machine when I'm looking up the help which is always a bonus.

This is released as open source for all to view and do with as you will.

Requires a network connection to function, it doesn't cache the pages.

Library Dependencies:

  • AndroidResources
  • HTTP
  • IME
  • Phone
  • RandomAccessFile
  • Reflection
  • StringUtils

Version 0.1 4/5/2013 (2)
Version 0.2 4/5/2013 Changed function of back key in webview, goes back through links before returning to list.


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Cool tool 4 @ur nice device :)