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I know this is a big wish !!

But is it possible to create an Android application like the B4A - Bridge from which we can write code snipits (Like a class module or an activity) and come back home and sync the code with the project in your computer.

Compiling and running the application is done in the computer. This is just used to write the code when you are travelling or do not have your computer.

As per my thinking the application can have these features(more can be included)

1. When we start coding all the words should appear in the same format as it does in computer.

2. When we refer a library only that library component variables and methods is retrieved from the server.(Core library can be default present in the app since it is needed)

3. The package name, application name,Version in the Mobile code should match with the package name, application name,Version in the computer for syncing the code.

4. Even there can be an option to Sync the code from Computer to Mobile. (This would be helpful)

5. B4A Designer can be present so that we can design different layout which will fit the Mobile device we are using. :)

6. We can have a Custom Keyboard which gives keywords like (ToastMessageShow,MsgBox) as word suggestions for this application. ;)

7. This is available for download only for licensed users :D

Let me know your inputs and suggestion.

@Erel - Thank you for creating an amazing tool :)

Shashi Kiran


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