Android Question B4A is a security threat !!

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yesterday i changed my device from Galaxy s7 to Huawei Y9 prime 2019

each application i make with B4a is detected as a security threat (screenshot attached)

the application does not use any library it is literally 2 lines code

Sub Activity_Create(FirstTime As Boolean)
End Sub

this seems to happened to all apps made with b4a as i had a more complicated project that does not use web view which is also detected as a threat

Note: i never ever had this problem or saw this warning back when i used the s7 edge and s6 edge


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First: Change the thread's title because you claim that B4A IS a security thread. We are a community of thousands of users here. Noone would use it if it was so.

I also use Huwei phones (like many, many users here). I never got a message like that. Where does it come from? What kind of antivir sw do you have?

PS: When you search for that message you will not find any hints on Google which makes me wonder, too.
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Unfortunately, many antiviruses often report dangers that are actually non-existent; this is one of those cases (I have a Huawei and no problem).
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Making such strong claim "B4A is a security threat !!" is unethical, unfair and disrespectful. B4A is not a security threat. There is nothing in the generated Java code (which you can see) or in the internal libraries that poses a security threat.

The warning might be related to:
1. The fact that the app was not downloaded from Google Play which makes it more "suspicious".
2. The signing key that you are using. If this is the debug key then switch to your own private key.

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