Android Question B4A is a work of genius!

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Not a question, but it’s true. I stopped programming probably before many people in this forum were born. But I never lost the love for programming and computers.

In recent times I have been meaning to try programming again, and then a good friend of mine asked me to develop an app – but how??

I didn’t want to use one of those ‘no coding’ drag and drop systems, I wanted to do actual coding. And I didn’t want to learn new languages. Then I discovered B4A, which uses a language similar to one I already used in the past (VB of course). Ok, there is a learning curve, but not a great one, and it is all so eloquently simple and professional.

I had a few problems at the start but they were caused by a combination of my learning curve and a glitch in a new release of the system (v 5), but 5.02 fixed that, and research and experimentation straightened the curve a bit. And within days of starting, I had a two-screen app, which actually serves a useful purpose.
It was designed for my friend, it monitors the local weather and advises her whether to cycle to work or take a bus. Screen 2, which is swiped to (very stylish) displays the weather for the next 6 days. Heck, it even speaks the weather at the press of a button if she forgets her glasses.
She said, "It is so cool having your very own app!"

So thank you for making it possible.