Android Question B4A Library and Permissions


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Hi all,
I'm sure we touched on this long before, but unfortunately I can't recall it clearly.
I wrote an all-B4A library years ago. It is more a collection of functions than a typical class published as a library. Now, I saw that a few of those functions were based on deprecated APIs and new APIs require some permission.
My questions:
1. Should I set the lib's Manifest to traget 26? I guess so.
2. Should I manage permissions at lib's level or should I leave those for the developer using the lib? I guess the latter.

An important point: since the functions are not mandatory I believe it will be the responsability of the developer calling them to appropriately set and manage permissions in his/her app's manifest and code.
Am I wrong?



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Your library should properly add the required permissions with @Permissions

Isn't it for java libraries only? My code is B4A-only while calling a few APIs which require some Permissions.
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