Android Question B4A MQTT broker and client on same Android device

Jan Kanon PA7X

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Hi all,

As well advised by Erel in my project i replaces the message handling for controlling my 25Amp + motors from Browser / HTTP based to MQTT. Get it working but with an external cloud MQTT broker. Aslo it worked with a additional app on Android MQTT broker app running on port 1883 in a direct Wifi connection with the NodeMCU (Arduino). Now i want to have the broker and client combined in one B4A App is this possible. So the user starts the App, broker is started on the Androis device (jMQTTBroker library) and then the control screen will be presented on the Android device to communciate with the NodeMCU.

By the way its always a 1 to 1 communication, no more publishes, no more subscriobers.

Thanks for advices, best regards Jan PA7X


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If I recall it correctly that's just what the B4A MQTT Chat exampe does.

A B4A app plays botth the broket and the client roles, while other apps could post/subscribe to that broker (it was on a LAN, I think).
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