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Hi There!

I'm newbie in B4A but not in programming, I bought this software in order to help my sister with her master's degree project, but now I'm very interested in this platform, so I promoted myself with my friends, but one of them ask me to do a 'Checklist' app for their store supervisors. I have the next requeriments, please tell me if it is possible to develop this app.

1.- Must run in Android but my 'client' doesn't know what are the OS versions, brand, screen size and memory capacity of their personal smartphones, that will be used for this project.
2.- There are 103 checklist's concepts that must be included in the scrollview, each one must use their own row and must contain the concept description, plus a checklist that the user must toggle with only 2 values: 0/1 that will be added to the store's total qualification.
3.- the most important: could be have up to 3 imageviews ( now I undestand that keeping 3 full resolution images it's impractical and drains a lot of devices' memory). Each image must be taken by the device' camera, selected and sent to a web server for storage and also must be reduced in order to generate a imageview.
4.- Eventually, the user could be able to select previously taken pictures and use them the same way that above.
5.- If it works, must be migrated to iOS for the same purpose.

Now I know that with a scrollview I could integrate in the first part only the imageview and the text with the checklist's concept; if I touch this row, the idea is to show another panel with the 0/1 toggle, 3 rows with an camera icon for each on them, that start the picture's functionality for import/export and the capacity to return to previous 'page'

I've thinked in a hybrid solution, using a web server, Ionic framework for the web page and in the Android side, to develop an app with only the picture's export job. Please, I wish to hear from all of you your opinions, suggestions and the like, in order for me to take the right development path. I'll thank in advance for your attention and support and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. Best Regards.
P.S. sorry for my english.



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I think you should take a look at the custom list view (clv)... There's lots of examples here on the forum and I guess it will suit your needs
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