Tool B4A Sdk Manager updates

Download the jar and copy it to the installation folder.

(C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\Basic4android)


- V3.62 - AVD definitions file can now include multiple names. This solves an issue with Android Wear AVDs.
- V3.60 - Allows setting explicit versions in the list of recommended items. This is a back-end feature that allows skipping problematic versions.
- V3.35 - Fixes an issue with Wear OS devices:
- v3.31 - Adds support for Java 11. Java 11 will only work with B4A v9.01+.
- v3.30 - AVD Manager supports x86_64 system images. It also makes it possible to create Android 9 (28) AVDs as these AVDs must run with a x86_64 image.
- v3.29 - Fixes several issues with AVD Manager and the latest version of the android SDK.
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V3.62 - AVD definitions file can now include multiple names.
How can I apply this?
I'm trying to create a new device, there being a previous one.
But it always overwrites the old one.
Am I misunderstanding? I'm using version 3.62



After installing new AndroidCommand Line tools (for new B4A 10.2) receive more error massages when start AvdManager. So following advice from other forums find that path for directory "Tools" has to be in "cmdline-tools". After completed path looks like "D:\Android\cmdline-tools\tools", and after thatSdk/Avd Manager realy works , but when I want to start created AVD simulated device receive massage like in picture.