Share My Creation [B4A] Supermarket, Restaurant, Pharmacy, Store Delivery : Source Code

Hello Everyone :)

*Starting off by thanking @Erel for making this possible for all of us :)

Today we would like to announce that we will be releasing a new amazing project.

This project can be used for :
1- Supermarkets
2- Grocery Stores
3- Restaurants
4- Pharmacies
5- Any Type of Store

App Features :
1- Store listings : the user is able to find any store on the maps.
2- Nearest store (depends on the user location)
3- Store Profile ( Logo, Banner, Name, Slogan, ratings, location, contact information, reviews, products, etc...)
4- Add to cart : the user is able to make 1 order from more than 1 store and the user is able to customize his order
5- Filtration : the user is able to filter the stores by location, products, reviews, etc...
6- And many other amazing features

The project is built in :
1- B4J + B4A (Stores orders receiver)

1-1 each store is able to receive/view/reject/accept any orders performed by the users.
1-2 Full Reporting system with full filtering options.

2-B4J (System Admin)
2-1- The system admin is able to view/edit/delete any order performed
2-2 Able to edit/delete any store profile
2-3 able to edit/delete any user profile
2-4 Full reporting system

3- B4A (User app)
3-1 View stores on the map
3-2 View stores profiles
3-3 Review any store
3-4 Purchase products by adding them to the cart
3-5 Customize any order
*And many other features

4- B4A (Delivery-Driver)
Each store has a driver, which will receive the orders as soon as the store approves the order.
The driver is able to view the user's location and the orders information and able to deliver the products.
as soon as the driver has reach the user, the driver will change the status to delivered.
The user will a notification that the driver has reach the location and delivered the products.

5- JRDC2 Technology
5.1 Upon request : we will also develop the web service using in case some users would like it to be as a

6- Microsoft SQL Database ( we will generate .sql script which means you will be able to use any other database engine)

The app has a notifications features,which means that every transaction is made the notifications will alert either the store or the driver or the admin or the user.

The system will be released within 30 days - The project has been released :)

The project price : 40$

*The system is very big and it has a lot of features, the above are only the headlines, we will update this post feature by feature upon finishing each one.

To Purchase the source code go to the below URL :

Thank you,
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