iOS Question B4A to B4i conversion with BLE and Starter Service


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Good morning,
I'm converting a B4A app to B4i.

In B4A the app is composed by 3 Activity Modules and the Starter Service.
Using the Multiple Pages Example:
I think I can use the same structure infact like stated in the B4iBeginnersGuide: "Pages are somewhat similar to B4A Activities or Windows Forms."

The app uses BLE2 library; all the events related to BLE communication management are in Starter Service and are fired regardless of the Activity Module active.
Always in the B4iBeginnersGuide is clearly indicated that "There are no services in iOS" so how can I handle the BLE communication events?

I see these way:

1) I can replicate all the BLE events in every page of the app but I don't like this solution because of the uncertainty of management of the event; for example: which page would handle the event? Page 2 or Page 3? So the functionality of the app may be compromised.

2) I can heavily modify the structure of the app, nearly to rewrite it, using a single Code Module with the management of the different pages and only one set of BLE events, so the functionality is ok but the time to develop the app is getting longer.

3) If this exists an alternative solution similar to a service so I can mantain the same code organization and the same BLE events management.

What solution do you think might be the best compromise between development time and functionality?

Best Regards