Bug? B4A v10.70 beta Error


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I realised any folder I load with additional resource result in this error in b4a 10.7 beta.
On some occassions, some old projects using additional resources work after cleaning the project several times.

B4A Version: 10.70 BETA #1
Parsing code.    (0.00s)
    Java Version: 11
Building folders structure.    (0.01s)
Compiling code.    (0.01s)
Compiling layouts code.    (0.01s)
Organizing libraries.    (0.00s)
    (AndroidX SDK)
Compiling resources    (0.39s)
Linking resources    Error
bin\extra\assets: error: failed to open file: The data is invalid. (13).
error: failed parsing input.

To reproduce.
1. Create a new project
2. Add a folder to project root directory (eg. test)
3. Load using #AdditionalRes: ../test
4. Run