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B4A v4.30 BETA is now available for download. Users who are eligible for a free upgrade will receive an email with the download link.

New features and improvements:
This is a beta version. You are advised to backup your projects before loading them in the new version.

Thank you for your help with the development of B4A.
Please start new threads for issues related to the beta version.
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The implemented feature is not what you are thinking about. There is a new Cancel button in the device selection dialog (the dialog that appears when there are multiple connected devices). You are talking about a general "cancel compilation" feature. Such a feature was not implemented yet.
My mistake, indeed.
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Hi Erel,
Something i have see on the beta version.
I know maybe it's not the good place for that, but i haven't find any place where a discuss is opened about the beta version.

The beta seems introduce elapse time for the execution of code.
And also with DateTime function some weird results are returned.
I don't know why, i have try with B4A v3.82, B4A v4.0 at min 2 or 3 time on each version, and with the beta the result for the elapsed time give weird result.

See the print screens attached and also i put the code i use to my workaround for test with.
I hope i am enough clear about what happen. I discover it because, as i note on print screen, i have 2 of my own widgets who run on tablet. They have a clock inside and their service start each minute respectively. See the log in print screen, that's why i see it's not the good result.

I can't do more tests because, it's late there in France and also the server start to return error, i think they do batch in middle of night on it.
I do my tests with a real device, Tablet ACER Iconia 210.
My Windows is 8 but i think it's not related to.

Thanks for explain why this result with DateTime functions in the beta version.

During my workaround i got, i note it on print screens, 1 hour more in the result of elapsed time with DateTime function. Which mistake i do for have that ?

Another question, why the version 4.30 beta 1 ? I have missed something, i have the B4A version 4.0 before ?

Regards, Laurent.


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Is/are there plans to extend the editor type completion to the #if java areas? This would be a big bonus to the already useful addition.
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Please start new threads for questions / issues / feature requests.

@Laurent95 if you can post a small project that demonstrates the issue.

Hi Erel,

I have posted already the Zip file of my project with the first message.
It's the project that i test for see that.
But sorry, many print screens are on it also, it's maybe you don't see the Zip :)

If you test with the project who is attached you can see there is a difference when you do it with precedent version and the beta for the elapsed time.
With the beta it's always a bit inexact, not so much but several seconds each time.
I mean difference between the real time and the elapsed time returned by the DateTime function, not the time to get the http response of course.

Regards, Laurent.
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In previous versions, if I click in IDE editor after compile, the compile dialog is close automatically.
In the 4.30 this does not works. I need to click in Close button to close the dialog.
It's possible configure it to use the previous behaviour (close it automatically)?
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