Beta [B4A V5.00] Breakpoints not displayed in the right border


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This is by design. Unlike the previous versions the new version shows multiple compilation errors (as you type). Previous versions only showed a single error when you explicitly compiled the app.

Breakpoints and errors use similar colors. I felt that adding breakpoints to the right margin will make more harm than good.

Lets see in a month or two whether we miss these marks or not.
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I share Klaus's concern.
In my opinion locating breakpoints (and bookmarks if possible) are more important than compiler warnings. A marker which tells me that a variable is not assigned a value is something I don't really need to know most of the time.
in 5.0#4 the only option dealing with breakpoints is [Edit > Remove all breakpoints]
If they aren't going to be highlit on the border then can't we at least have a way of finding the next one?
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