Bug? B4A4.0 Designer corrupts Activity Layout File


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Erel, The following describes an issue that has only just occurred when I compiled one of my existing apps with B4A 4.0. It works fine under B4A 3.82. For me it is highly reproduceable, could you please check if you see than same issue. I have supplied an example project to show this.



An existing App with Activity Transition Animations develops faulty animations and screen corruptions on the second activity sliding in from right to left if the Layout File has been saved from the B4A 4.0 Designer. In one device the screen also become unreadable after rotation.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Unzip and load the example B4A_DesignerBug project into B4A4.0
2. Open Designer and immediately save 1.bal file with no changes (File/Save)
3. Compile with B4A 4.0 and run app on a device to see fault
4. copy original 1.bal file from zip file over the above 1.bal file
5. Compile and run app on device to see that the fault no longer exists

Actual Behaviour:

Instead of 2nd activity sliding in from right to left a black screen slides in from right then 2nd activity is shown after animation ends. The fault varies between devices with some showing strange vertical ripples and in one case (Galaxy Note 4) a WebView become unreadable after screen rotation (but readability can be restored by pinch zoom).

Expected Behaviour:

The incoming and outgoing Activities are both shown sliding smoothly in from the right. No screen corruptions when device rotated.
This is the behaviour always seen when compiled in B4A 3.82 or earlier.


Tested on the following devices:
1. Asus TF101 tablet (Android 4.0.3) shows black screen then activity after animation, stuttering animation
2. Samsung Tab II (Android 4.2.2) black screen or vertical rippling depending what the second activity is.
3. Samsung Note 4 (Android 4.4.4) shows black screen than 2nd activity and Webview screen corruption on rotate
4. Samsung Galaxy SIII (Android 4.1.1) brief flash of black screen rippling from top to bottom

Additional information:

When compiled using B4A 3.82 saving files in the designer or even modifying layouts in the designer does not cause any visible faults in the compiled app.

Only one of the four animations fails (incoming right to left) the other three appear unaffected.

Only the 1.bal file needs to be restored to original to clear the fault.

The corrupted screen on the Samsung Note 4 can be seen in the this file.


  • B4A4_designerBug.zip
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That was it - I did not realize the new Activity animations were 'enabled' by default.



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Good practice I guess - don't know why I did not spot the new Activity parameter was enabled earlier:confused: