iOS Question B4I 2.0 does not support XCODE 7.0(7A218)?


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Hi, all

I just upgrde XCODE 6.4 TO XCODE 7.0(7A218) ... and compile the B4I project , it seem not support ...
and if I using XCODE 6.4 to compile , It work fine ...





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I do know that XCode 7.0 beta 6 (7A192o) and B4i 2.00 works. But, I've not upgraded to the full V 7.0 you have. This was a clean install of the beta and not an upgrade. I also remember having a problem building at first, too, but I don't think it was the same error you have shown and I don't remember exactly what settings I had to change in XCode to get it resolved. I'll try to remember.
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In order to use B4i v2.00 with Xcode 7 you need to:
1. Close the IDE.
2. Download the attached zip file.
3. Unzip it and copy project.pbxproj.template to B4i installation folder (overwrite the previous file).

Note that the simulator will not start automatically. You can start it with this terminal command:
open /Applications/

Both of these issues will be fixed in the next update.


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