iOS Question B4i Bridge Installation

Tim Harrell

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Hi Erel,

I'm pretty sure I've gotten all the steps right according to the video instructions and every related thread in the forum:
  • Apple Developer Account Certificates, Identifiers, Devices, and Profiles
  • B4i Full Trust Root Cert. enabled
  • Project Build Configuration
  • Build Server Settings
  • The B4i-Bridge builds fine:
Using Safari (or Chrome), I browse to either the https(51042) or http port (54041) and see the when clicking on the "Install App" circle icon, on my i-phone,
,I get nothing.
I've gone back through the videos and re-run all the Apple Developer steps, but still nothing.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks for any help you can give.

Tim Harrell

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What happens when you do it with the hosted builder?
I just changed it to hosted builder. It seems to work fine with the hosted builder, but something prevents the installation dialog from getting launched with the app built locally. I'll go ahead and work with the hosted builder for a while.

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