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I'm happy to release B4i v3.00.

This update includes many IDE improvements as well as other improvements related to iOS 10, Xcode 8 and Mac Sierra.

  • The docking and layout features are based on a new and improved framework. Floating code editors behave as regular windows.
  • Documentation tool tips while hovering over code elements:


  • Copy links in the tool tips that allow copying code examples.
  • Support for bookmarks:


  • New themes.
  • Keychain handling was updated as required by Mac Sierra to allow non-intrusive deployments.
  • URLs in comments and strings are ctrl-clickable.
  • Unused libraries warning.
  • Custom views support "nullable colors". The default value of such fields looks like:


  • #Entitlement attribute. Adds a declaration to the entitlement file. This is a new requirement. For example if your app supports push notifications then you need to add this line (assuming that you are using the distribution key, which you should):
    #Entitlement: <key>aps-environment</key><string>production</string>
    Push notifications will not work on iOS 10 without this declaration.
  • #AdditionalLib - Similar to B4A #AdditionalJar attribute. Adds a reference to an external library. Note that third party libraries should be in the builder Libs folder.
  • iAdMob - Support for mediation and rewarded video ads.
    Mediation: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/admob-ads-mediation-with-inmobi.71837/
    Rewarded video ads: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/admob-rewarded-video-ads.71839/

  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements
Developers who are eligible for a free upgrade will receive an email with upgrade instructions.
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A license comes in the e-mail, but my V3.01 runs perfectly without it.
Is that license necesary?
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