Other B4i v5.30 BETA has been released!

Discussion in 'iOS Questions' started by Erel, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User


    After a lot of work on XUI2D, BitmapCreator and the X2 games framework, I'm happy to release B4i v5.30 beta.

    • Support for C++ / Objective C++ libraries. This is required for iXUI2D which is based on box2d. More information about XUI2D: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/xui2d-example-pack.96454/
    • A QR code appears when building B4i-Bridge. Scan this code with the camera to open the installation link:


    • Many debugger optimizations and bug fixes.
    • Bitmap.Crop and Resize methods are more accurate.
    • Map.Get properly handles cases where there are Null values. Relevant when parsing json strings with nulls.
    • Round method behaves as in B4A and B4J (bankers rounding).
    • Internal libraries updated:
      • iHttpUtils2 2.70
      • iBitmapCreator 4.18
      • iXUI2D 0.99
      • iXUI 1.70
      • iGameView 1.05
      • iGoogleMaps 1.41
    • "folders ready" custom build action step.
    • #CustomBuildAction attribute can be used in all modules.
    • #CustomBuildAction file parameter can include environment variables.
    • Improvements to the subs list behavior (the one above the code editor).
    • Bug fixes and other minor changes.
    Developers eligible for free upgrades will receive an email with installation instructions.
  2. TnP

    TnP Member Licensed User

    I've noticed a big improvement on the debugger when working with multiple code modules in a project (15 in this case).
    Very nice! :)
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  3. walterf25

    walterf25 Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I have not received the email regarding this beta version.

  4. Erel

    Erel Administrator Staff Member Licensed User

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