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I'm happy to release B4i v5.50. This version includes support for a new type of libraries named b4x libraries. b4x libraries are made of B4X code modules, general files, layout files and a manifest file. b4x libraries can be cross platform and also have other advantages over the standard compiled libraries.


An email with installation instructions will be sent to all developers who are eligible for a free upgrade. Other developers will receive a discount offer.

Lori Scott

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Thank you, Erel. The email I received has the download links, but no instructions. I downloaded the B4i IDE and ran the B4i.exe file. This automatically loaded all the new B4i program files to C:\Program Files (x86)\Anywhere Software\B4i directory. All looks well there.

I also downloaded the B4i Mac Builder. When I extracted the B4iBuildserver.zip file, it contained a Libs folder and an executable B4iBuildServer.jar file. I double-clicked this jar file and it extracted further so now it has folders for keys, Libs, and Uploaded projects, as well as B4iBuildServer.jar and config_example.txt files. These are all still located in my Downloads. Do I need to move these to another place or run another executable file that will set this up automatically?
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