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Hello everyone
I am facing a strange problem:
behind corporate firewall i can browse with any browser to www.mysite.com/test.php?&Param1=Param1&Param2=Param2 and everything works but when i use the following command in B4A the firewall says that request is blocked without specify any other information.
ContactServer.PostString("http://www.mysite.com/test.php?" & "&Param1=" & Param1 & "&Param2=" & Param2, "")
Should i take care about something that i don't know?
I can ask to my admin to open ports or enable something, but what?
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance!


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The equivalence the browser action you are performing in you initial post is a GET action. This (GET) is reproduced with the the Download method, not PostString (that does a POST action). If you are passing parameters in the URL, it's even better if you use Download2, since that will "encode illegal parameter characters" for you. Another issue is that there should be no '&' before the first parameter in a URL query string.
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