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I've started using a large 4K display for my main monitor and have it set to 3840x2160 with scale set to 125%. This gives me a good balance of icon size and working space.

The B4J IDE works very well here, as I can change the size of text for the IDE and Logs. The Icons and Menus are fine as well, as they are still big enough on my screen.

The only real problem is with the custom mouse pointers used - for example - when selecting a line of code. The normal windows pointers are fine, but custom pointers are far too small - almost invisible in fact. I can live with it, but it makes quickly selecting a line of code to edit a bit more difficult.

Is it possible to make this pointer (it is the right-pointing arrow I think) either scale with the zoom settings of the display or use the conventional windows pointer instead?

Obviously, scaling would be better as this is something that will become an issue as screens continue to increase in resolution.

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Well, this morning it seems to be working fine, the right-pointing arrow is back to normal size for the first time that I can recall since getting this monitor. I wonder if an update has fixed something with Win10 scaling. D.
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