B4J Question B4J installation fails on Windows XP 32 bit


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Hi all,

I've B4J 6.00 installed on my old develop machine with Windows XP 32 bit, this works well and I've used it any day
for a long time, I've updated B4J several times because I use it from first release, and any time updated successfully.

Today I've decided to update to latest version (7.51) and the setup return me an error "Not valid 32 bit application".

Because I have 6.00 installed I have Net Framework 4.0 installed too.

I've tried to download several times, maybe wrong or corrupt download, but not changes at all, the setup start and
then return this error.

Is the latest B4J now compatible only with 64bit machines?

Many thanks


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Years ago, I successfully developed B4A using my trusty XP machine - and loved every minute of it...
Then one day - my apps would not compile.
Spent many days trying to resolve the issue - reaching out for help - to no avail...
The ONLY solution was to purchase a new PC (laptop) with Win 8.1.

Still using it today - and still loving every minute of it.

I repeat, there is ONLY ONE solution to your issue. ( XP - RIP... )
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