B4J Question B4J MsgBox?


I just downloaded and installed B4J v 6.51.
It opens and appears to be working just fine.

I put a button and a textfield on the designer form and in the Button_Click event wanted to call any of the MsgBox functions but none show up when starting to type "Msg..."

Tried Msgbox2Async etc, but always shows in red but no explanation as to how to get a msgbox.

Do I have to load a special Library or is that functionality specific to B4A and not available in B4J?

I read in another post that Msgbox2Async is a part of the XUI library.
I also read that "jXUI (B4J) and XUI (B4A) are now internal libraries."
When I enter ... xui.Msgbox2Async the "xui" shows as red and I get an "undeclared variable..." warning for "xui".

So, how to call up a message box in B4J?


Never mind, I figured it out:
under Sub Process_Globals
Private jxui As XUI
then in Appstart
jxui.MsgboxAsync("Hello", "World")

This gets me a message box, now I know...
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