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Hello all ,

Can we have something like push notifications on Desktop like Windows 7? (preferably written in B4J)
I want to deliver some realtime data to a desktop from php script .

If it is not available to B4J , you can suggest an alternative .

Thanks in advance


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It's less a capabiity of B4J (example see here: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/t...r-b4j-server-over-the-internet.37201/#content) than a server/php issue.

What you need is a server which listens to incoming messages and pushes it to other connected clients via sockets. There are some php frameworks which need a root server (a server where you can install a components on your own). It's better if you can use B4J which listens to sockets.

I love php but it's not ment to do that.
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